1. Expedition
2. Timecode
3. Half Empty Half Fool
4. Child Of Hope
5. Living In The Human Race
6. Ferengi Lover
7. Have A Break
8. When The Night Begins
9. Mountain High

Total running time: 74 minutes

Martin Eden vocals
Udo Lang lead guitars
Tobias Budnowski keyboards, some guitars
Thomas Jarzina drums, some guitars
Stephan Scholz bass guitar, some guitars

Recorded Jan.-Feb. 1997 by Roger Weitz & Stephan Scholz at Roger’s Farmhouse Studio, Kirchherten, Germany.

Remastered by Eroc at Erocs Mastering Ranch, October 2018.

Originally released May 1997 on Inside Out Music
Remastered & re-released with bonus disc Lost & Found in April 2019 by Chicadisc